Laundry Attendant Needed In Canada

Laundry Attendant
Rimrock Resort

Banff, AB

Desired Skills & Attributes

Knowledge 

Grade 12 or equivalent 

Previous experience in a

laundry department an asset

Skills 

Attention to details 

Ability to perform repetitious tasks

Time Management; be flexible

to hotel needs depending on demand

For Diamond Service 

Associate exhibits a

professional vocabulary in all

communication with employees 

Associate is always properly

attired in uniform, with clearly visible name tag 

Associate is efficient yet unhurried and sensitive to the manner of the employee 

Associate exhibits a sincere desire and compliance to all guest requests

Reports to: Executive Housekeeping, Housekeeping

Manager, Housekeeping Office Supervisor.

To be accountable to the Housekeeping and Laundry team

for displaying & practicing work techniques that are above a

For Diamond quality.

Duties & Responsibilities 

To maintain production levels of all linens in hotel 

To observe quality of laundry linens & report any

problems or decline in standards to Management or

Laundry Supervisor 

Record all laundry down time due to equipment

malfunction to Management or Laundry Supervisor 

Report any maintenance problems of machines to

engineering department 

Provide a safe & healthy environment for both guests & staff

Ensure hotel security is protected by following the proper procedures 

Be knowledgeable in Health & Safety, WHMIS, MSDS &PPE

Be knowledgeable in hotel emergency procedures

Physical Demands 

Lifting 50lbs maximum 

Frequent lifting/carrying up to 20lbs 

Requires significant walking/standing 

May involve sitting with pushing and pulling of arm and/or leg controls.

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